2017 Youth Soccer Month

It is Youth Soccer Month and U.S. Youth Soccer has officially kicked off it's 15th year celebrating soccer in America! As stated on usyouthsoccer.org, "The purpose of Youth Soccer Month 2017 is to raise awareness of the game’s many advantages and encourage others to continue enjoying soccer, bringing kids and families together for a national celebration. Youth Soccer Month includes working with local leadership to organize grassroots public affairs campaigns, numerous local events and media relations initiatives."

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During each week, Youth Soccer Month will focus on a different theme celebrating soccer. The four messages of Youth Soccer month are:

  • Fun: (Week of Sept. 3)
    • Whether recreational or competitive in nature, involvement in soccer is easy, affordable and rewarding.
  • Family: (Week of Sept. 10)
    • Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacations and family time are coordinated.
  • Friendship: (Week of Sept. 17)
    • The relationships generated through playing soccer extend beyond the field.
  • Fitness: (Week of Sept. 24)
    • The health and fitness (physical, psychological and social) benefits of playing soccer.

Stay connected on www.YouthSoccerMonth.org and social media to see how US Youth Soccer shares the messages of these four themes.

SenseBalls Received by PL Players

New this Fall, Penn Legacy FC has provided SenseBalls to PTP and Travel U9-12 players. The plan going forward is to get as many of our players using this training tool as soon, and as much, as possible. The hope is that it will really accelerate their individual technical development and thus allow coaches to focus on more game-related training activities during practice. The SenseBall is a key component for all youth players as it allows them to practice their technique, coordination, balance, timing, on their own.  

Upon receiving their SenseBall, each player was given a login to a training website that teaches them how best to use the SenseBall and also 50 progressively hard exercises that they can work on perfecting. 



Fall Classic Featured in Touchline Magazine

Check us out on page 21 in the most recent Touchline Magazine, featuring the Hempfield Adidas Fall Classic, hosted by Penn Legacy. View Article: http://www.mazdigital.com/webreader/51710?page=23


Touchline, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer's quarterly magazine, is the leading youth soccer publication in Pennsylvania, going to more than 60,000 homes and businesses. Each issue features a unique spin on the soccer scene in Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond and includes interviews, profiles, session plans and highlights of our youth players.

2017 Penn Legacy GK Training

Training with Coach Nick Jacobson, Director of Goalkeeping  

Nick is a former collegiate goalkeeper who is licensed with the NSCAA and has already shown an exceptional drive and enthusiasm for coaching young players and a clear passion for the goalkeeping position. Nick will be ably assisted by both Kenny Archer and Wendell Hannaford, longtime members of our coaching staff and licensed GK coaches also, and Emily Faust, a former Penn Legacy player and current goalkeeper for York College.

For this fall, we are going to start with a slightly modified schedule as below (this will change very soon depending on how many keepers attend, the reopening of The Quad, daylight savings, and the return to the club of the school age keepers) Nick also plans to introduce a second optional night of training in the near future:

Where - Penn Legacy East Petersburg Campus
(in the area by the tree close to Field 4 (see this map)
When - Beginning August 24 - on Thursdays. 6-7pm for u9-u11, and 7-8pm for u12-u15

2017 Lyon Select Program: Days 5-8

Thirty-two players from top adidas youth clubs nationwide were selected to train and compete in Lyon, France this past week as part of the generation adidas international Olympique Lyonnais Select Program. Penn Legacy's very own Nicte Aco was one of the players selected to be part of this exclusive training opportunity. Follow along to see what experiences occurred in Days 5 through 8 of the trip.

DAY 5 - Thursday, August 17, 2017

Today the team again arrived at the Olympique Lyonnais Training Center with their spirits high, beginning their day by attending the Olympique Lyonnais Women’s first team training session. The girls had the opportunity to meet the current Champions League title holders and to snap a few pictures with the team. After the session finished, the Select group gathered to eat lunch and to rest up for their first competitive matches against the Olympique Lyonnais Academy teams. Both Select teams fared very well. The Select A Team was held to a nil-nil tie, playing against the U19 Olympique Lyonnais Academy team, while the Select B team dominated in a 1-4 victory over the U16 Olympique Lyonnais Academy team.

As the Olympique Lyonnais first team finish training, the big moment finally arrives! Time for the Lyon #adidasSelect17 to meet these wonderful top level soccer players.

Excited much! The Olympique Lyonnais first team were charming, humble, generous and inspiring! The Lyon #adidasSelect17 walked away from the time they shared buzzing with excitement.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 observe how the professionals train as the the Olympique Lyonnais first team work through a session. #HereToCreate

Soccer sistas! The present and the future of the beautiful World game. The Lyon #adidasSelect17 and the Olympique Lyonnais first team.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 A, looking positive prior to kicking off against Olympique Lyonnais.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 A played out a thrilling 0-0 draw against the Olympique Lyonnais U19s (a great part of the team is 16-17 though). A fine result against a superb team. Nice one Select!

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 B, ready to rock ´n roll against Olympique Lyonnais.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 B were delighted to win 1-4 against the Olympique Lyonnais U16s playing some exciting attacking soccer.

DAY 6 - Friday, August 18, 2017

Today the team kicked off the day with their last training session of the week with the Olympique Lyonnais Academy coaches. After a great final session, the players said their thank yous and goodbyes to their coaches. The players’ first short visit to the city on Wednesday left the girls anxious to get back out and see more. This afternoon they did just that, but this time took a trip to nearby Switzerland! The team headed out to the Swiss city of Geneva, just two hours outside of Lyon. They enjoyed the beautiful Lake Geneva and some of the city’s famous monuments, like St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Place du Bourg-de-Four in the Old Town. Before heading back to the hotel to rest up for their match day tomorrow, the girls were sure to stock up on Swiss chocolates.

DAY 7 - Saturday, August 19 , 2017

The last full day of the program ended on a high note as both teams finished the week with a win. The Select A team took on the U18 Football Club Caluire team this afternoon and came out on top with a decisive 10 - 0 victory. The Select B team also finished victoriously, edging Croix de Savoire 2 - 1. After the matches the girls, still buzzing from their respective wins, headed over to attend the Ligue 1 match Olympique Lyonnais vs. Bordeaux. The girls finished off their evening with a farewell dinner at their preferred local restaurant, enjoying the company of their teammates and staff one last time in Lyon.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 A prior to kick off against Caluire.

The Caluire U18 girls were great sports and really keen to bond with the The Lyon #adidasSelect17as you can see here. Sunny smiles all round.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 B take their final team picture of the program prior to their 1 - 2 win over Croix de Savoie.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 B defeated Croix de Savoie U18s 1 - 2 in a thrilling match which was celebrated with a great post game photo.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 watched a fantastic game of Ligue 1 soccer as Olympique Lyon & Bordeaux played out a 3-3 draw. The Lyon Select felt the passion for their team cheering them on throughout.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 supporting their team at the Olympique Lyon & Bordeaux game. Nous sommes l'olympique Lyonnais! (second from left is PL's Nicte Aco)

DAY 8 - Sunday, August 20, 2017

After an eventful trip filled with memories and learning experiences, both on the field and off, the team packed up and began their journeys home. They started their day of travel by departing to Amsterdam, and then continued to New York before catching flights to their respective hometowns. The girls return familiar with the training methodologies of the best women’s club in Europe, and will look to use this experience as a stepping stone towards their goals of becoming professional players.

After such an incredible week the The Lyon #adidasSelect17 are going to be missing each other over the coming days. Over the course of the Program they bonded on and off the field. The beautiful game creating beautiful friendships.

2017 Lyon Select Program: Days 1-4

Thirty-two players from top adidas youth clubs nationwide were selected to train and compete in Lyon, France this past week as part of the generation adidas international Olympique Lyonnais Select Program.

Penn Legacy's very own Nicte Aco was one of the players selected to be part of this exclusive training opportunity. Follow along to see what experiences occurred in Days 1 through 4 of the trip.

Accompanying these elite players were invited head coach Adrian Solca (Solar SC), and supporting coaches Trip Ellis (FC Richmond) and Lindsay Smith (Montana Rush SC). Each coach was hand chosen from renowned adidas clubs nationwide to lead the team on their trip to Lyon, France.

Olympique Lyonnais Program Player Roster

DAY 1 - Sunday, August 13, 2017

The plane touched down this afternoon and the team took their first steps in the beautiful city of Lyon, France. They transferred back to their hotel where they were given time to rest up from a long day of traveling and bond with their new teammates at the hotel. The girls went for dinner at a local restaurant next to the hotel and then it was straight back to the hotel to rest up for the tough week that lays ahead.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 smiling all the way to their hotel! #HereToCreate.

DAY 2 - Monday, August 14, 2017

Today, the teams had an early start as they made their way for the first time to the Olympique Lyonnais Training Center. They were received by none other than Gilles Salou, the Director of the Women’s Soccer Academy. After the inaugural meeting with Salou, the girls laced up their boots and headed to the pitch for the first of two training sessions that day. The first session was very technical, working mainly on skill-based exercises. Salou and the U-19 women’s head coach both participated in the training session. In between trainings, the girls were able to grab a bite to eat at the Academy’s cafeteria. The teams were also given a guided tour of the facilities to see where the current European champions train.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 proudly decked out in their Select uniforms and ready to rock´n roll at their first training session at the Olympique Lyonnais Academy.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 will be coached and taken care of by the awesome Olympique Lyonnais team who enthusiastically welcomed the girls to the training complex.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 get familiar with the new home for this week at the Olympique Lyonnais Academy.

Showtime for The Lyon #adidasSelect17 as their Olympique Lyonnais Academy coaches tell them what they should expect from their training there. #HereToCreate #NEMEZIZ adidas Soccer

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 already feeling the colors of the awesome Olympique Lyonnais. #HereToCreate #NEMEZIZ adidas Soccer

DAY 3 - Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The team started their day with a healthy breakfast in order to prepare themselves for the exciting day ahead of them. It was another day of double sessions, but with an added factor of excitement - Olympique Lyonnais players were incorporated into the training. Girls from the Olympique Lyonnais Academy participated in the day’s sessions, cranking up the level of play and intensity another notch.

After the day’s rigorous training, the girls traveled back to the hotel to rest up in anticipation of more double days and important matches later this week.

The Olympique Lyonnais Academy life seems to be suiting The Lyon #adidasSelect17 just fine by looks! #HereToCreate#NEMEZIZ adidas Soccer

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 locked and loaded. #HereToCreate #NEMEZIZ adidas Soccer

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 are all ears listening up to their Select coach. #HereToCreate#NEMEZIZ adidas Soccer

DAY 4 - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today was a busy day for the team, as usual, beginning with their visit to Groupama Arena, the home stadium to the Olympique Lyonnais first team. It was a relatively light soccer day, though, with only one training session with their Olympique Lyonnais Academy coaches. Taking advantage of some free time, the girls headed to the city of Lyon for the first time to do a little bit of tourism. The girls were excited to finally get to experience the beauty of the French city they call home this week.

After some sightseeing, the team then ate dinner at a restaurant near their hotel before turning in for the night. They will need their rest ahead of the program’s first competitive match tomorrow against an Olympique Lyonnais Academy team.

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 check out the heart of the Olympique Lyonnais home stadium, the home team locker rooms. #HereToCreate #NEMEZIZadidas Soccer

The Lyon #adidasSelect17 feeling that ferocious Olympique Lyonnais spirit. #HereToCreate #NEMEZIZ adidas Soccer — at Groupama Stadium.

About generation adidas Select: Each year the top adidas youth soccer clubs nationwide have the exclusive opportunity to nominate players and coaches to participate in the generation adidas  Select programs. 96 talented players have been invited to train this August at Real Madrid Foundation, A.F.C. Ajax, and Olympique Lyonnais - three of the world’s most powerful soccer clubs.

About generation adidas international: As part of the expanded generation adidas grassroots platform, generation adidas international  emphasizes adidas’ role as the premier provider of elite developmental opportunities to U.S. clubs. With generation adidas international’s incomparable access to the world’s top academies and tournaments, adidas clubs have the opportunity to train and play at the sport’s most renowned institutions. With generation adidas international, the world of adidas soccer opens its doors. Where will you play? 

2017 PL in Madrid: Days 8-10

Penn Legacy Soccer taking in the incredible former capital of Spain, the stunning Toledo. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay — at Toledo - España.

Toledo is stunning. #pennlegacy #pennlegacy2europe | PC: Coach David Simpson

Teams shot of Penn Legacy Soccer with Cobeja. Penn Legacy were convincing winners 0-5. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay

We come bearing gifts! The Cobeja coach was delighted with the Penn Legacy Soccer jersey he received on behalf of the club. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay

The good people of Cobeja Football Club laid on a brilliant BBQ for Penn Legacy Soccer which was a load of fun for the team. #PennLegacy2Europe#wherewillyouplay.

Penn Legacy got to watch Real Madrid's second team Castilla play a pre season game at their home ground at Real Madrid City. Beautiful setting for Leganes vs Atletico Madrid. #pennlegacy #pennlegacy2europe — at Estadio Municipal de Butarque. | PC: Coach David Simpson

Penn Legacy Soccer enjoying the joy of churros & chocolate at the most famous churros bar in Madrid, the legendary San Gines. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay

Heading home from Spain after an awesome experience for our boys and families | PC: Jessica Hauck Bitner


2017 PL in Madrid: Days 6-7

Real Madrid City training #pennlegacy2europe — at Valdebebas,madrid. PC: Coach David Simpson

Graduation Day at Real Madrid City. Penn Legacy Soccer with their Real Madrid Foundation diplomas. Well done guys. #PennLegacy2Europe#wherewillyouplay — at Ciudad Real Madrid.

Penn Legacy Soccer getting all royal at Madrid's Palace! They were told how King Alfonso XIII gave Real Madrid their royal credentials way back in 1920. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay

Madrid's Palace | PC: Coach David Simpson

Cathedral | PC: Coach David Simpson

Spain National Team Training Facility. #pennlegacy #pennlegacy2europe PC: Coach David Simpson

Spain FA. Legendary coach Luis Aragones. #pennlegacy #pennlegacy2europe — in Las Rozas De Madrid, Madrid, Spain. PC: Coach David Simpson

What a facility. #pennlegacy #pennlegacy2europe— in Las Rozas De Madrid, Madrid, Spain. PC: Coach David Simpson

Spanish Football Federation. #pennlegacy#pennlegacy2europe — at Ciudad del Fútbol de las Rozas. PC: Coach David Simpson

PL's DOC, Seamus Donnelly, with Carlos Blanco Barrosa, chaperone from GAI - at the Spanish Federation Headquarters. Spain's 2 X Euro Soccer Championship trophies and the big one, the 2010 World Cup at the Spanish Football Federation museum.

Penn Legacy Soccer ready to go against Sotillo. #PennLegacy2Europe#wherewillyouplay.

Penn Legacy's second friendly played against Sotillo at the Spanish Federation Headquarters, resulting in a 4-0 win.

The international coaching life! The Penn Legacy Soccer coaching team with the Sotillo coaches. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay

Segovia is a stunner. #pennlegacy#pennlegacy2europe — in Segovia, Spain. PC: Coach David Simpson

Segovia streets #pennlegacy #pennlegacy2europe— in Segovia, Spain. PC: Coach David Simpson

Segovia cathedral #pennlegacy#pennlegacy2europe — in Segovia, Spain. PC: Coach David Simpson

Segovian countryside #pennlegacy#pennlegacy2europe — in Segovia, Spain. PC: David Simpson

2017 PL in Madrid: Day 5

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. #pennlegacy2europe
Locker room @ Estadio Santiago Bernabéu | PC: Coach David Kaká Simpson
Restaurant view over lunch. Wow. #pennlegacy #pennlegacy2europe @ Estadio Santiago Bernabéu | PC: Coach David Kaká Simpson
Stunning shot of Penn Legacy Soccer at the Santiago Bernabéu by Penn Legacy's Rene Nate Murray. Just brilliant. Thank you Rene. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay — at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

Penn Legacy Soccer at one of the World's great stadiums and heart of Real Madrid, the Santiago Bernabéu. Inspiring to say the least. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay — at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

That reaction! First time in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Penn Legacy Soccer were in awe. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay — at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

These guys will be talking about this moment for many years to come. Penn Legacy Soccer in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.#PennLegacy2Europe#wherewillyouplay — at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

Arguably the best player bench in the World. Penn Legacy Soccer were pretty excited to spend some time there. #PennLegacy2Europe#wherewillyouplay — at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

Penn Legacy Soccer coaching team and Real Madrid Foundation Coach Sebastian discussing the important things... life, the universe and soccer. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay — at Ciudad Real Madrid.

Penn Legacy Soccer experiencing Spain´s heartbeat live checking out the best flamenco show in Madrid. #PennLegacy2Europe#wherewillyouplay — at Tablao Las Carboneras.

Penn Legacy Soccer and a paella feast before watching a flamenco spectacular. More Spanish, impossible! #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay

The Penn Legacy Soccer crew have become great mates with their tops bus driver Juan. #PennLegacy2Europe #wherewillyouplay


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