2018 Futsal Free Play & Clinics

Free Play "Street Soccer" Program: this is a continuation of our futsal sessions from previous years. The big difference is that instead of Sunday afternoons, they will now be held on Monday & Tuesday evenings on the hardcourts at The Nook. Remember, these sessions are already included in your travel fees so there is no additional cost. The players can just show up and they will be placed on a team and will play under supervision, but no actual coaching takes place. In other words, "street soccer" format. The dates for these free play sessions are:

Mondays - January 8th, 22nd
Tuesdays - January 9th, 16th

PTP, u9, u10 - 6 to 7pm. Boys & Girls.
u11, u12, u13 - 7 to 8pm. Boys & Girls.
u14 and older - 8 to 9pm. Boys & Girls.

Futsal Clinics: On January 8th, 9th, 16th, and 22nd from 5 to 6pm we are offering a two-part clinic series on the game of futsal. Basically the player can choose which part I and which part II to attend. January 8th and 9th (Part I) will be identical sessions, as will January 16th and 22nd (Part II) and you can register here:

Register Now >

These sessions will be run by Rossi and Seamus and other members of the Penn Legacy coaching staff. They will include instruction, exercises, and small-sided futsal games. There will be a nominal charge of $25 per player to cover rental fees. The $25 will cover both sessions. Note: For the $25 fee, your child can attend one, two, three or all four of the clinics, just understand that the January 8 & 9 clinics will be the same, as will the January 16 & 22 clinics.




2017 Winter SoX Schedule

Back for its tenth straight year, this program is all about technical development through quality repetition. There will be a topic each week, players will be broken up into small groups, and our coaches will run them through stations. These are intense and demanding sessions (hence the use of the word Xcellence).

Where? Lanco Fieldhouse
When? Saturday mornings, 9-noon.
1st hour - PTP, u9 through u11
2nd hour - u12 through u15
3rd hour - u16 and older

Jan 20th - DRIBBLING

50/50 Raffle this Weekend

Be part of Penn Legacy's 50/50 Raffle this weekend! Tickets are sold at the following Hempfield Adidas Fall Classic Venues: Landisville Middle School (LV), Manor Middle School (MM) & East Petersburg Elementary (EP). View Maps/Directions HERE>

The Drawing will take place at 5pm on Saturday, November 18th. The raffle will support the Penn Legacy U14 boys team and part of the proceeds benefit Penn State Health Children's Hospital and Four Diamonds Fund. Buy your tickets on Saturday for a chance to win!

Week 4 of Youth Soccer Month

It is week 4 of Youth Soccer Month, and the theme is fitness with a focus on keeping yourself physically and mentally in shape for the game. Read More>
In honor of this week's theme, Penn Legacy players are encouraged to share a photo/video of a fitness related activity that they enjoy doing in order to stay physically & mentally fit for the beautiful game. Tag @PennLegacySoccer on Facebook & Instagram and we will repost. Use: #PennLegacy #YSM2017

ENTER THE BAG BUNDLE CONTEST: Comment with a video showing your juggling skills for a chance to win! The more creative, the better. Winner revealed Sept 28 #YSM2017

Must like US Youth Soccer Facebook Page to be eligible. Contest also open on Twitter and Instagram.

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The business of "playing out of the back"

When US Soccer introduced their new Player Development Initiatives last year it was with the clear intent of improving the quality of play across youth soccer.  They clearly stated their objectives which I am listing again below:

  • to develop improved skills on the ball
  • to improve comfort and confidence
  • to develop intelligence with and without the ball
  • to promote faster decisions and better awareness
  • to develop partnerships within the team (connecting with players in other positions)

In the same announcement US Soccer talked about the need to change the mindset of youth sports, about "the long-term development of players being the top priority", how "there is too much emphasis on the result of the game" and that there are "no shortcuts" and the need to "have patience" to allow players to improve their skills.

I think it is safe to say that all rational parents of a youth soccer player would wholeheartedly agree with everything mentioned above as they read this blog in isolation.  However, it can be quite a different story on a Saturday afternoon when their child's team is losing and it feels like they give up a goal or a goalscoring opportunity every time the team's goalie starts play with a short pass out to a central defender.  The other team rushes in, the ball is coughed up, and bang!, another goal against.  Why oh why do we insist on this "building out of the back" business?  Why not just kick the ball down the pitch and away from our goal, so that, even if possession is lost, it is at least away from danger?

The simple answer is that if we are to stay true to following the objectives listed above then we MUST build through the thirds of the pitch (defensive, middle, and attacking).  Simply "booting" the ball forward in the direction of the opponent's goal does not fit in with trying to develop the young player.  The "kick ball" method that seems so effective at the younger age age groups is rendered completely inadequate by teams and players who are trained with the above objectives as a core part of their team's philosophy and curriculum.  But to reach that point, there will be harsh lessons and lots of mistakes to be made.  That is where (for me) the key phrase of the whole US Soccer document on their new Player Development Initiatives comes into play, that "players must be put into the best possible environment to succeed".  Not "to win", but to succeed in improving their skills, comfort, and confidence on the ball, their game intelligence and awareness, and their ability to connect with their teammates.

When we watch young children play we need to remember that we are watching them learn.  Many experiences are completely new to them.  Mistakes are commonplace; even the most dominant teams at the younger ages make a ton of them, (they are often just better at capitalising on the other team's mistakes).  And that is okay.  It can be frustrating, but it is okay.  Coaches tend to know that, and parents need to try to better understand that.  Coaches are looking for signs of improvement, signs that the above objectives are starting to take root.  Recognizing these signs is infinitely more important than any single result or league standing.  The environment we create is the single most important thing.  If players are afraid to fail then no learning can take place.  We all want to win, and no one I know likes to lose.  But sport is sport.  The game itself must provide the competition and the pressure, not the coach or the parents.

Thank you for reading,


2017 Make Your Own Ball Day

Youth Soccer Month is working with Make Your Own Ball Day to create the National MYOBD on September 21, 2017. "The mission of Make Your Own Ball Day is to use a ball to help kids create, connect, give, appreciate, and play. MYOBD promotes and supports the passions of kids for sport and uses soccer as a platform for change. We envision a world where every kid—regardless of living conditions—has the tools and power to play." - MYOBD.
The steps are simple!

1. Make a ball
2. Donate a ball
3. Find friends
4. Play soccer

Learn More Here!

What is Make Your Own Ball Day? [PDF]

Learn more about how you can participate [PDF]

How do I let parents and players know about the event? [PDF]

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Week 3 of Youth Soccer Month

It is week 3 of Youth Soccer Month, and we are celebrating the relationships developed through our involvement in soccer.
In honor of this month's theme, Penn Legacy players are encouraged to share a photo of the friendships they've made through playing the sport we all love.  It can be a photo before/after practice, at a game, a fun memory, etc. Tag @PennLegacySoccer on Facebook & Instagram and we will make sure to re-post. 
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2017 Youth Soccer Month

It is Youth Soccer Month and U.S. Youth Soccer has officially kicked off it's 15th year celebrating soccer in America! As stated on usyouthsoccer.org, "The purpose of Youth Soccer Month 2017 is to raise awareness of the game’s many advantages and encourage others to continue enjoying soccer, bringing kids and families together for a national celebration. Youth Soccer Month includes working with local leadership to organize grassroots public affairs campaigns, numerous local events and media relations initiatives."

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During each week, Youth Soccer Month will focus on a different theme celebrating soccer. The four messages of Youth Soccer month are:

  • Fun: (Week of Sept. 3)
    • Whether recreational or competitive in nature, involvement in soccer is easy, affordable and rewarding.
  • Family: (Week of Sept. 10)
    • Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacations and family time are coordinated.
  • Friendship: (Week of Sept. 17)
    • The relationships generated through playing soccer extend beyond the field.
  • Fitness: (Week of Sept. 24)
    • The health and fitness (physical, psychological and social) benefits of playing soccer.

Stay connected on www.YouthSoccerMonth.org and social media to see how US Youth Soccer shares the messages of these four themes.

SenseBalls Received by PL Players

New this Fall, Penn Legacy FC has provided SenseBalls to PTP and Travel U9-12 players. The plan going forward is to get as many of our players using this training tool as soon, and as much, as possible. The hope is that it will really accelerate their individual technical development and thus allow coaches to focus on more game-related training activities during practice. The SenseBall is a key component for all youth players as it allows them to practice their technique, coordination, balance, timing, on their own.  

Upon receiving their SenseBall, each player was given a login to a training website that teaches them how best to use the SenseBall and also 50 progressively hard exercises that they can work on perfecting. 



2017 Penn Legacy GK Training

Training with Coach Nick Jacobson, Director of Goalkeeping  

Nick is a former collegiate goalkeeper who is licensed with the NSCAA and has already shown an exceptional drive and enthusiasm for coaching young players and a clear passion for the goalkeeping position. Nick will be ably assisted by both Kenny Archer and Wendell Hannaford, longtime members of our coaching staff and licensed GK coaches also, and Emily Faust, a former Penn Legacy player and current goalkeeper for York College.

For this fall, we are going to start with a slightly modified schedule as below (this will change very soon depending on how many keepers attend, the reopening of The Quad, daylight savings, and the return to the club of the school age keepers) Nick also plans to introduce a second optional night of training in the near future:

Where - Penn Legacy East Petersburg Campus
(in the area by the tree close to Field 4 (see this map)
When - Beginning August 24 - on Thursdays. 6-7pm for u9-u11, and 7-8pm for u12-u15