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Team Registration Info

Requirements are posted below.

Read the FAQ below, and our rules/format link, provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.  


Mandatory team registration will be held at the headquarters (look for press box) one hour prior to your first game on Sun,  March 16 (Girls and Boys Teams). Look for the registration directional signs.

At Registration each team must present:


What is the procedure for adding guest players?

Guest Players and Secondary Players - From our rules.

All teams and players must be associated with the USYS and the appropriate state association, or US Club Soccer.

US Club Soccer does not require permission to travel for their teams.

Important Note: Guest players playing on teams that are required to request permission to travel might also need permission to travel. Again, we would then require proof of their permission to travel with your team. Please check with your state organization for the procedures for guest player permission to travel. USYS guest players from NJ and CT will need to provide proof of permission to travel even if guesting on a team that is from a state organization that is not required to provide proof of permission to travel to the tournament.

May a player with a cast participate?

Please first consult with your physician to see if it is permissible or advisable to play while wearing a cast . The Laws of the Game do not prohibit the wearing of a cast. However a player may not wear anything considered to be dangerous to any player, including the player with the cast. Whether the cast is dangerous is up to the sole discretion of the referee of each game. It is impossible to predict prior to each game what the ref's decision will be. In general most referees will allow a player to play with a cast if it is well padded with foam padding or bubble wrap and if it is not used in a manner that could be considered dangerous. We cannot guarantee that this will be allowed. Please understand the risks involved before making a decision to attend the tournament with a cast and it is advisable to provide a note to the referee if requested.   

Please contact logan@pennlegacy.org for more information.