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What is the best part about being a coach?  For sure it is so very great to be connected to the game when we are too old to play it anymore (or at least play it as well as you used to!).  But by far and away the best part about being a coach is that we get to meet so many great kids.  We get to help these kids in small, tiny ways, and (when we pay close enough attention) we get to see the world through their eyes.  We are coaches for sure, but we really are just helping kids through, reinforcing what they learn at home and at school, and helping them along their way.  We are the lucky ones, we get to see up close as they grow and learn.  We have a front row seat as they succeed and fail; as they encounter all sorts of situations for the first time and we watch as they figure out solutions, always there to guide them along as needed.  We are in their world, and we must always remember that.  When we do so, then every game, every practice is a blessing.

This past weekend we were given a tragic reminder of how precious a young life is.  We will go on as a club, and as coaches.  But we will remember Maria.  We were so lucky to have her as part of this club.  We thank her for bringing that smile to every game, practice, school of xcellence and futsal session.  Our heart breaks for her family and we pray that they will find comfort.  We will remember why it is so great to be a coach, even though we do it with heavy hearts today.


(on behalf of all Penn Legacy coaches, especially those that worked with Maria over the years).

*all Penn Legacy teams will be holding a moment of reflection at their practices this week in honor of the memory of Maria Fisher.

** Hempfield High School have created T-shirts in honor of Maria and they are available to buy at the school and at Caruso’s. All proceeds will benefit a charity that is being set up in Maria’s name.

***There will be a viewing from 2-4pm and a service at 5pm on Saturday at Snyder’s Funeral Home (3110 Lititz Pike, Lititz, Pa). 

****A gofundme page has been created for donations to scholarship funds in memory of Maria. 

Club Mission Statement

We serve our community by providing all participants with a positive sports experience where they develop as persons and players while enhancing their social, emotional, and physical well-being in an environment of inclusiveness and sportsmanship.

Club Quick Facts

The Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization

The Club was founded in 1977