• Please also read our invitation/general info and rules/format linked to the left. 
  • U16-U19 teams should also read the College Showcase Info linked to the left

If you still have questions we may have the answers below:


2021 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a GotSoccer tournament?
    Yes!  Points for results will be applied per GotSoccer age group guidelines. Please contact GotSoccer directly regarding any questions.
  • Is my team eligible? 
    The tournament is considered an open tournament.  All teams must be associated with the USYS and the appropriate state association, or US Club Soccer, DDP, EDP Futures and SAY Soccer teams may also participate if roster, player and coach cards have photos and meet tournament requirements. Please contact the tournament registrar if you are unsure.  
  • Where will my age group play? 
    We are unable to provide this info until teams are accepted and schedules are posted.  We do not assign age groups to a location until we have finalized the number of teams we are accepting to that age and the brackets.  However most fields are within a 15-25 minute drive from this address - Classics Soccer Park, 1461 Lancaster Road, Manheim, PA 17545 

  • Are there restrictions at field venues? 
    No parking on grass, park in designated areas only. No drones, pets, propane or other heaters, grilling, smoking, or alcohol permitted. COVID-19 guidelines and safety rules if applicable will be provided to all team staff upon acceptance. 
  • Can you tell us about hotels in the area?
    Please see the lodging link on our website for hotel/motel reservation info and tournament requirements. Teams and individuals requiring hotel rooms must use the approved reservation service listed on our lodging page. Teams not using the service will be disqualified from the tournament. Please visit the lodging page for more details.
  • Is it best to make reservations for hotels before applying, once I apply, or after my team is accepted?
    Yes. Please make lodging accommodations early, hotels book quickly.  Lack of hotel accommodations will not be cause for a refund of the team tournament fee after acceptance to event. If not accepted teams should immediately cancel their team reservation (confirm that deadline to cancel date with the hotel service please).  Rules state that teams must use the tournament's reservation service. More details can be found on the lodging page.
  • What other attractions are available in the area?
    You will find many ideas for shopping, dining and entertainment at Discover Lancaster and though the Visitors Bureaus in the Harrisburg, Hershey and York areas. Popular area activities are outlet shopping, dining, Amish attractions, Dinner Theatres, Hershey attractions and much more. Please check with your hotel for the area's Visitor's Information Center. 
  • What format will teams play?
    U9 and U10 will play 7v7.  U11 and 12 teams will play 9v9, and U13 and older teams will play 11v11.  U8-12 teams will play 25 minute halves.  U13 and older will play 30 minute halves.  U11 and U12 games will have  1 or 3 referees based on ref availability. The U13 and older games will use the 3 referee system. 
    No heading during tournament games for U9-U11.  Awards will be presented to division Champions and Finalists. 
  • Does my team need to obtain permission to travel from our state organization or US CLUB SOCCER? 
    The Hempfield Fall Classic is an EPYSA and USYS approved/sanctioned tournament.  USYS and US Club Soccer "Club" teams are invited to participate.

    The tournament is considered an open tournament and other travel team organizations may participate but should check with the tournament registrar to be sure that all rules for participation and out of state travel are followed. USYS member teams from Region 1 DO NOT need to provide permission to travel.  Teams from Region 2 must provide the tournament with their state association's properly executed "Permission to Travel Form."  Please check with your state association for requirements. No such permission is required of US Club Soccer member teams.

    Important Note:  Guest players playing on teams that are required to request permission to travel might also need permission to travel.  Again, we would then require proof of their permission to travel with your team.  Please check with your state or governing organization for the procedures for guest players and also for permission to travel. Please check with your governing association to be sure of the requirements regarding guest players and travel.
  • What is the procedure for adding guest players? And how many are permitted?

    Guest Players and Secondary Players - From our rules:
    • A maximum of up to five (5) guest players at U9–U14, and seven (7) at U15 and older are allowed.  Rosters for U9-10 teams are limited to a maximum of 14 players, including guests. Rosters for U11-12 teams are limited to a maximum of 18 players, including guests. Rosters for U13-19 teams are limited to a maximum of 18 players, including guests, except where governing organizations or leagues allow larger rosters at the U15 and older age groups.   Regardless of roster size, a maximum of 14 players for U9 and U10 teams playing 7v7, 18 players for U11-12 teams playing 9v9, and 18 players for U13-19 teams playing 11v11 can appear on the game line‐up sheet (submitted at team electronic check-in) and will be allowed to play at the event.  For U15‐19 teams with extended rosters, the team may dress only 18 players and a game line‐up sheet for all U15‐19 teams must be presented to the referee prior to the start of each game. Failure to submit the game lineup sheet may result in disqualification.
    • Secondary players must appear on the official roster and can play for only one team in the event. 
    • Players with US Club Soccer player cards may not guest for a USYS team, and players with USYS player cards may not guest for a US Club Soccer team.  You are unable to mix any two organizations. (If a player appears on another team‘s official roster, player must be crossed off of the copy of the team roster submitted for registration if they are not playing for that team in the event.)
    • Players may compete for only one team for the duration of the tournament.  
    • All players and coaches must be carded and associated with the USYSA and the appropriate state association, or US Club Soccer or SAY Soccer, etc. and present coach's cards with photo on it.
    • Some state or governing organizations may require you to complete guest request forms. Please check with your club registrar or governing association for those rules. This is your responsibility. 
    • Important Note:  Guest players playing on teams that are required to request permission to travel might also need permission to travel.  Again, we would then require proof of their permission to travel with your team.  Please check with your state organization for the procedures for guest player permission to travel. USYS guest players from NJ and CT may need to provide proof of permission to travel even if guesting on a team that is from a state organization that is not required to provide proof of permission to travel to the tournament. Again, this is your responsibility. 
  • I have an approved extended roster (some associations allow this at older age groups), may all of the players participate if I only dress 18 for any given game?
    Yes, if your team is age U15-19. Teams with extended rosters may dress only 18 players for each game and must submit game line-up sheets to the referee prior to the start of the game and teams without proper game line-up sheets at kickoff time may be required to forfeit the game.
  • Must medical releases be notarized? 
    As of Sept 2015 medical releases are no longer required to be presented to this event. However, you must carry them with the team documents during the event. 
  • May a player with a cast participate in the Fall Classic? 
    Please first consult with your physician to see if it is permissible or advisable to play while wearing a cast.   The Laws of the Game do not prohibit the wearing of a cast. However a player may not wear anything considered to be dangerous to any player, including the player with the cast. Whether the cast is dangerous is up to the sole discretion of the referee of each game. It is impossible to predict prior to each game what the ref's decision will be. In general most referees will allow a player to play with a cast if it is well padded with foam padding or bubble wrap and if it is not used in a manner that could be considered dangerous. We cannot guarantee that this will be allowed.  Please understand the risks involved before making a decision to attend the tournament with a cast.
  • Do I have to register my team in person?
    Teams must check-in electronically. Deadline date for electronic check-in are Nov 5 for girls teams and Nov 12 for boys teams. Paperwork and detailed requirements will be communicated with team acceptance emails as well as guidelines and requirements regarding COVID-19.  
  • I coach two (or more) teams, will you accommodate that for scheduling purposes? 
    This request must be noted in your application.  We will accommodate these requests whenever possible, but we cannot guarantee it.  Different age groups may play at different venues, and, allowing for travel time and parking between games as well as limited daylight hours, it makes for a very tight schedule.  Please be sure that a rostered and carded assistant coach is available to coach the team if you are unable to do so.
  • What time do games begin on Saturday and Sunday?
    Teams have games both Saturday and Sunday.  Games kickoff at 8 am on both Saturday and Sunday.  Please be prepared to have an 8 am game on either or both days.  If there is a conflict for any day or time slot, this must be noted in your application and a valid reason provided.  We will accommodate these requests whenever possible, but we cannot guarantee it.  Also, schedules can change based on tournament requirements only, not requests from teams, until the last minute. 
    Please arrange your transportation and hotel stays accordingly.
    Please make lodging accommodations early, hotels book quickly.  
    Lack of hotel accommodations will not be cause for a refund of the team tournament fee after acceptance to event.
  • Our team may have a conflict due to our league playoffs or a league game, will the tournament work around these conflicts?
    Due to the large number of teams participating in the event, we are unable to accommodate schedule changes due to league playoffs or league games. Please keep track of your team's potential for a conflict, and if you anticipate a conflict your team may withdraw until the application deadline, or prior to our posting accepted teams on our website without losing your team registration fee. Teams withdrawing after the posting of accepted teams will not receive a refund. To withdraw after acceptance would create a situation where we may be unable to replace your team and teams would be short a promised opponent.   We feel this is unfair to teams that have planned their seasons and have decided to play in the Fall Classic. Please consider this when applying to the tournament and be sure that you are able to participate by checking with your league regarding the ability to move playoff or league games to a time or date that will not conflict with the tournament and our schedules. In the past teams have reported that most leagues were very accommodating with adequate advance notice of participation in the tournament.
  • What is the cancellation policy and withdrawal policy for the tournament?
    See Rules - number 1 regarding withdrawals and number 17 regarding cancellation. 

    The hotels all have different cancellation policies, be sure to check the deadlines and cancellation policies when booking hotel stays. The tournament will not be responsible for any hotel costs due to event cancellation in part or in full for any reason.


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