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Is Rugby dangerous?
No more so than any other contact sport. There are less injuries then football, lacrosse or soccer.   Getting extra yardage in Rugby is not important but rather ball possession.  The lack of padding means that you will learn a new way of tackling. Rugby tackles are not football style head-on-collisions, but rather wrapping the opponent's legs so that his own momentum carries him to the ground.

How fit do I have to be to play?
There is a lot of running in Rugby, and unlike American football, not a lot of starting and stopping. You will run in practice, but you should also involve yourself in plenty of cardio off the field. Weight training is also a good idea, but you should consult your physician before beginning any weight training program.

Why hasn't Rugby gained the popularity in the US as it has in Europe and the Southern Hemisphere?
Surprisingly, Rugby is the fastest growing boys & girls club sport on college and high school campuses nationwide. Some universities have even begun offering Rugby scholarships.

I don't know how to play rugby. Will this mean that I will have to ride the bench all season?
Absolutely not. The leagues are made up of players just like you, many of whom have never played before. The coaches take it slow and you'll learn the game as the season progresses.

What do I need to do to sign up?
Particular clubs have varying sign up procedures, but all participants, regardless of club affiliation, must fill out a "Certified Individual Player Participant" {Cipp} Form through USA Rugby. This registers the player with their particular club.

What do I need to play?
 Not much. Most clubs have uniforms for players to wear/purchase. Players will need rugby or soccer style boots or football cleats (but no front toe cleat allowed) and a mouth piece. For practices, usually sweats, shorts and rugby shirt are worn. If you wish to purchase rugby gear, there are several sites from which to purchase items (see links below).  (rugby gear)  (rugby gear)   (world rugby news)

How much does it cost to play?
Particular clubs have varying dues requirements. CIPP registry is $20 for youth players.  This is included in your registration fee of $145 which will cover game jerseys (returned after each game), shorts, mouthpieces & socks.

My parents want to know if there is insurance?
Properly registered clubs have liability insurance only, through USA Rugby's program. Medical insurance is not available through the Union and players' parents must be responsible for having their own health insurance coverage.

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