NEW FOR 2017: ALL participating teams are required to check in electronically.
There will NOT be in-person team check-in available in 2017. 


As of 11/16 no changes to check-in documents will be permitted. 

Teams that have been notified of needs must complete the needed uploads by Friday 11/17/2017 at 11 am 



  • Please read ALL information below to ensure important information/documents are not missed which will delay your check-in approval.
  • Electronic team check-in will close on Sunday, 11/12/2017. Please plan ahead and don't wait until the deadline. 
  • Changes after 11/12/17 must be requested through email to hfcregistar@pennlegacy.org 
    (note: you will need your team registration/confirmation number - click here for how to find it)


Below are the steps to complete your team's electronic check-in:

  1. Please complete the following 3 documents. Download and SAVE them as separate documents to your drive, device or computer.
    • Team Information Document - Link
      This document requires a signature. Remember to save again after signing, then open it to be sure the form data shows before uploading.  
    • Safety and Conduct Guidelines Document - Link
      Must be read and shared with your team.
      This document requires a signature. Remember to save again after signing, then open it to be sure the form data shows before uploading. 
    • Game Line-up - Link
      You may use your own form or the one linked above. Each player must be listed and include ACCURATE jersey numbers.
      Note: for U15 and older teams with 22 players or more, only 18 may appear on game line-up that is presented to referee prior to each game. 

  2. You will also need the following for guest and secondary players: 
    • All guest players must be added to the bottom of your roster copy and players NOT attending should be crossed out.
      Please see guidelines for use of guest players here: Link
    • If you have secondary players attending the tournament, you MUST submit a copy of the current year primary pass. Secondary player primary passes must be obtained and kept with you during the weekend of the tournament.
    • Players may only play for one team for the duration of the event. 

  3. Copy all participants' valid/approved player AND coaches passes, with photo, to one or two sheets to minimize the number of sheets of paper used. 
    If photo and player information is on the same side, only one side of the pass needs to be copied.   
    If photo is on the opposite side of the player information, both sides are required to be copied
    Save this document(s). 

  4. Proof of permission to travel is required  to be submitted to us ONLY if your team is:
    Playing under a US Youth Soccer team roster and is NOT from CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, ENY, NYW, EPA, PAW, RI, CT, VA, WV.
    US Club Rosters and the mentioned states do NOT need to submit permission to travel.
    You may need to submit a copy of the tournament host form to obtain permission to travel from your state association. 
    Please review info linked here.

  5. As of Sept 2015 medical releases are no longer required to be presented to this event. However, please carry them with the team documents during the event. 

To complete your electronic check-in submission follow instructions below.  

  • Log into your GotSoccer team account
  • Under your events tab, click on the Hempfield Adidas Fall Classic 
  • Go to the documents tab (the last tab) and upload the following documents SEPARATELY
    • Team information document - signed
    • Safety document - signed
    • Game line-up - with jersey numbers
    • Official approved team roster - current year signed/approved USYS, US Club Soccer, or SAY
      Maximum roster sizes linked here
    • Player and coaches passes - current year with photo
    • Permission to travel (if required)

This part is important - please read carefully. 

  • Document approval notifications will be emailed on the following dates:
    • Oct 28
    • Nov 10
  • If you are approved, please do not make any changes to the uploads.
    • Any changes after documents are approved must be requested via email to the tournament registrar at hfcregistrar@pennlegacy.org (note: you will need your team registration/confirmation number - click here for how to find it)
      Registrar must approve documents to be resubmitted so they can be reviewed and checked off as valid. 

  • If by Nov 10 your team submissions are still not approved, you will have until Nov 12 at midnight to submit corrections.
    • Upload all corrections prior to the 11/12/17 midnight deadline to prevent any issues prior to the weekend.
    • If you are not approved, the email will state that you are not approved and you will be directed back to the document area of your team account to review which documents have not been checked as verified and the problems will be listed in the NOTES section located on your team documents tab.

Email all questions to Connie Buzzard, hfcregistrar@pennlegacy.org  (note: you will need your team registration/confirmation number - click here for how to find it)



Club Mission Statement

We serve our community by providing all participants with a positive sports experience where they develop as persons and players while enhancing their social, emotional, and physical well-being in an environment of inclusiveness and sportsmanship.

An Eastern Pennsylvania
Youth Soccer Sanctioned Tournament

Club Quick Facts

The Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization

The Club was founded in 1977

Over 1500 players participate in Club programs