Team Online Registration & E-Waivers

All team registrations will be handled electronically with materials completed online in your team GotSport accounts, uploaded into your event application, and e-signed no later than: 

  • Wednesday, November 6, at 8:00 pm for Girls Teams
  • Wednesday, November 13, at 8:00 pm for Boys Teams

All teams are required to complete a 5-step process for registration and credentials to be considered complete. Teams that do not complete this process will not be permitted to participate in the Winter College Showcase.  The steps to be completed are; 

  1. Build a team roster in GotSport.  You will build, or "clone" your roster for the event.

  2. Add Guest Players, should you be utilizing them, into your GotSport event roster.

  3. Download and complete the team info form and share the safety document linked within it. Complete it and save it to your device for upload in the next step.
  4. Return to your initial Hempfield Fall Classic application and upload a hard copy (PDF) of your Player Passes (or a copy of your Official Roster with player images on it). Guest Player passes and the team info sheet are also uploaded in this step. 

  5. E-Waiver information will be emailed to coaches or managers between Oct 19-22 for girls teams, and between Oct 26-29 for boys teams.
    Once received, the coach or manager will share the link to the E-Waiver with the team and any guest players. 
    Every participating player, coach, and team manager must complete this.
    It is an e-signature document that only requires a check box and signature for completion before being submitted electronically. You do not need to upload anything related
    to the E-Waiver.  Coaches or Managers will be able to view which players have completed the E-Waiver. 

Instructions on how to compete each step of this 5 step process:  


QUESTIONS? Contact Tournament Check-in Administrator, Brittney Jakobson, via email:


Helpful Documents & Articles:

  • (Step 1) How do I build (or "clone") an Event Roster:  CLICK HERE 
  • (Step 2) How do I add guest players?  CLICK HERE
  • (Step 3) Team info Sheet Form (required) - DOWNLOAD HERE
  • (Steps 2 and 4) How do I upload the required documents into my GotSport team account for online registration? CLICK HERE
  • Step 5)  E-Waivers

Roster Rules and Regulations - Please review

  • Players are only permitted to play for 1 team throughout the duration of the tournament. No player may be rostered to, or play for, more than one team. Any player found to have played for 2 teams in the same tournament will cause all games for both teams to be forfeited. 

  • CARDING / PASSES, All Teams: US Club Soccer teams may only take guest players registered under US Club Soccer, and USYS teams may only take guest players registered with properly stamped USYS player pass cards. No roster may be comprised of players with different passes from different organizations, and there may be no “mixed rosters.”  

  • Any player who is not a "Primary Player" on your roster is considered a guest player. "Club Pass" players (players from within your own club but primarily rostered on a different team) are still considered "guest players" for the tournament. There is no differentiation between a "club pass" player and a "guest player", they are all considered "guest players".

    5 guest players are permitted for ages U9-U14 and 7 guest players are permitted for U15-U19.* The tournament reserves the right to adjust guest player limits as needed. 

  • U9 and U10 teams may roster 14 players including guests, U11 to U14 teams may roster 18 players including guests. 
    U15 and older may register a maximum of 22 players, including guest players.  Only 18 players may dress for any one particular game.  No more than 18 players may participate in any one match.  A team using more than 18 individual players in a match will forfeit that match by the score of 2-0.  A team registering 19 to 22 players for the tournament are advised not to have more than the 18 participating players in the “technical area” (bench) during the game. Players 19-20-21-22, if they are in the technical area, should not be in uniform and should be clearly unavailable for use in the match.  U15 and older may roster up to 22 players, but for each game may only dress 18 players for play, and only those same 18 players may participate for the duration of the game.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Tournament Check-in Administrator, Brittney Jakobson, via email:






An Eastern Pennsylvania
Youth Soccer Sanctioned Tournament
Hosted by Penn Legacy/PA Classics AC