Guest Playing


Do you want to be a guest player for a team that is participating in the Hempfield Fall Classic?  Then you will need to officially register as a guest player and be in the "Guest Player Pool".  This will allow teams that are participating in the event to add you to their roster.

Register to be a Guest Player 

Players will use their GotSport player account to register.

Once you have completed this registration your contact information and availability will be visible to all teams registered for the event who are looking to add a guest player to their roster.  You will officially be in the "Guest Player Pool".  

  • If you are planning to guest play with a specific team in the Hempfield Fall Classic you should now reach out to that coach and alert him/her that you are registered for the event as a guest player, and that he/she can now add you to their official online team roster by selecting you from the pool.

  • If you are registering as a guest player for the Hempfield Fall Classic in general, with a desire to play for any team looking to add players, then you would just wait for a team to contact you directly for discussion on joining them. 

Coaches & Managers:

How do you add a guest player to your roster?  Click Here

For questions related to guest players please contact Brittney Jakobson, via email: