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Note:  Please also read the Tournament Invitation and FAQ pages linked to the left.


Teams and Players

The Hempfield Fall Classic College Showcase portion of the tournament will be held on both Saturday and Sunday of the girls and boys weekends and will be available to all teams accepted to the U16-U19 ages in all divisions, Premier, A, and B playing a tournament format. 

We directly invite over 400 colleges and their coaches from the region to come and observe these older players.

Player Profiles will be created within GotSoccer and distributed by the tournament. All Teams will receive information upon acceptance regarding how to add your tournament roster and player profiles within your GotSoccer team account. To be included in this player profile info provided to college coaches, you must complete the steps we will provide. It is completely free, and these profile books will be available to college coaches nationwide as well as to those attending the event.  If upon acceptance your roster is not finalized it can be updated up until Nov 8.  Please visit the Player Profile Info page of our tournament website for instructions and more info. 

Additionally, on the Friday Night College ID Exhibition Games will be held: on Friday Nov 20. The college coaches love this format because they know that everyone that is playing wants to play in college. We have done this for years with our events as do some of our local tournaments and have had very good success with this format. 

  • We will host two girls matches and two boys matches on Friday evening Nov 20, and we invite each team’s head coach to initially nominate 2 players graduating in 2021 or 2022 from their team that want to play in college to play in the games. This is great opportunity for college coaches to see current players interested in playing in college.
  • Once all the tournament team coaches nominate their first 2 players, if we have not filled the team roster then we allow teams to nominate additional players and if space allows 2023 graduating players.

Here are some informative links: 

Team players – Once accepted to the tournament players should begin to contact colleges they are interested in to let them know they will attend the Hempfield Adidas Fall Classic.  This generates more interest from the college coaches to attend the event.

  • Weekend Tournament Schedules will be posted on or around Nov 2-5 and we suggest you share the link to the schedules web page with college coaches between Nov 5 and Nov 10 for any school you are interested in by letting them know you will be playing at the Hempfield Fall Classic and providing them with a link to your schedule. 
    1. Registered College Coaches to date (Note: invitations to coaches will go out mid-Sept and please understand that coaches tend not to register until closer to event)
    2. BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE PLAYER PROFILE INFO PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE - this page will be posted on 10/25.

      Note: We ask the college coaches to register in GotSoccer.  Please review and be sure to contact colleges you are interested in attending if they do not appear in the lists.  This is what then drives them to attend. 

  • !! Remember, not all coaches will register to attend so do not only send information to coaches that have registered, as some coaches prefer to attend without registering.  MANY will also register immediately prior to the dates of the tournament. Contact them directly to invite them to your games!

Summary | College Showcase Timeline:

  • 10/25/2020 - Accepted Teams Posted Online (on or slightly before this date) 

  • 10/25-26/2020 – Tournament will provide team coach and Team Contact/Manager with instructions so that they can set up the team to be included in the player profile books via their GotSoccer team accounts. Players must then update their profile by Nov 14 AT 5:00 PM to be included in info provided to college coaches. 

  • 10/25-26/2020 - Tournament will send an informational email to each team’s head coach about Player ID Games and how to nominate players from their team.
    Note: Deadline for nominated Id Game players to register is Nov 8. Players must be nominated by their coach. The coach will then provide a link for the player to register. 

  • 11/2-5/2020 - Tournament Schedules are posted. Between Nov 2 and Nov 8 players should re-contact college coaches to provide them with their weekend game schedules. This is what will also help increase the number of coaches attending by showing your interest in their institution. If you are nominated by your coach to participate in the ID games be sure to let them know that also. 

  • 11/7/2020 at 7:00PM - College ID Exhibition Nominations are due - if all slots are not filled as of Nov 8, coaches may nominate additional Jr and Sr players.
    If on Nov 10 not all slots are filled coaches may nominate sophomores until 5:00 PM on the 12th. 

  • 11/14/2020 - Player profiles due by 5:00 PM for each U16-U19 player and should be updated in the team GotSoccer account. See player profile page of this website for instructions. 

  • 11/15/2020 - Tournament will send schedules and game rosters to college coaches for ID Exhibition games 

  • 11/18/2020 - Electronic player profile books will be emailed to college coaches.

    Note: COVID requirements will be communicated to all participants after exhibition game registration closes.


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